Port of adventure a game from computercraft

Would it be possible to port a game from a lua based minecraft mod? It uses colored console output. The lua code is here in the zip which also has the mod. http://www.computercraft.info/download/

There is no coloured output, just white text but I guess it would be possible

It is color output because in computer craft there are two different consoles one that is white on black and one that is color on black

Would it be possible for someone to help port it

I’m talking about in codea, the console output is white

It’s possible to port it, but you might want to create a custom console to render the output. Codea by default can’t use colored text in the output, and doesn’t have io.read.

Not just a console - Computercraft is a traditional procedure-oriented lua, so you’d have to do something fairly substantial to adapt it to the Codea event loop.

I’ve toyed with (but never had the time to get to any usable form) making a traditional console-oriented interface on top of the Codea event loop for just this sort of thing - but it’s a larger project to “do it right” than you’d guess at first. Indeed - part of my goal was to be able to write lua for ComputerCraft turtles and do some basic testing; I’d love a computercraft interface that’s not in-game.

The way for this to work is to have a text input box and having an output.
The program is somewhere in the zip file that I linked.
The program waits for input then the program runs. It is a text. Based adventure game. A var changes the output from color to no color.