Playing music with openURL

Hi, I’m using codea on my iPad, and I would like to be able to play music from my library. Right now I’m using openURL(“music://”) to open the music app, but is it possible to open a certain album? Also, is there a way to play music without changing the app. Another question: is it possible to open a webpage in one half of the screen and still displaying your program in the other half, instead of the in app browser which just pops up a webpage so you cant see your program.


Not sure about opening an album with openURL(), but it’s probably possible. I know a long time ago @Zoyt made a discussion showing off all the apps you can open with openURL().

Custom music and sounds (probably .wav) will be coming in the next Codea update. (Soon.)

I don’t think you could have half of the screen with a web page and the other your program unless you coded a custom HTML parser. Which would be very hard, I think.

The “music://” URL scheme only works to go to the currently playing song. @SkyTheCode - .mp3 for music and .wav for SFX. Can’t say any more until the public release. Sorry!