Playback and Editor Stutter

I don’t see anyone else complaining about it, so I might be the only one, but Codea slowly reduces in speed as I use it. Every 45 minutes, on average, I have to close it and delete it from the task manager to help curve a ever worsening stutter. This is in the editor and the playback. (I think there is a debate on whether remove from the task manager clears it from memory, but it certainly helps me.)

I did wonder if it was because my code was too bulky, but I see the gradual degradation in the editor as well. And, when I tested the Physics Lab and the Roller Coaster I saw the same slowness in the playback; not nearly as smooth as when I started using the app at the end of April. Not a show stopper, but certainly an annoyance.

Anyone else? Is it possible something in my code is affecting the engine? My code is a bunch of images, text and 30 physics bodies to test for button clicks. I do use the library functionality.
Brilliant app otherwise. I’m making quick little toys to assist in all my board gaming and it’s fantastic.


This is a known issue and is being addressed in the next update.

My current project has over 12,000 lines of code and I am unable to work in the editor because of this issue.

I was kicked out of mine while editting recently

Excellent! Thanks.