Play file.wav question

I have been trying to follow all the discussions about playing music, ABCPlayer, random noise, MP3’s etc. Unfortunately, it has mostly gone completely over my head. :expressionless: I am looking for a simple answer (to a probably very un-simple question.) Will it be possible for codea to be able to play a wav file in the somewhat near future using an API similar to


The other options sound interesting, but are not really what I am hoping for.


+1 for this feature

Yes, it will be possible to do this in the future. Except the syntax will be:

sound( "Dropbox:battle" )


music( "Dropbox:battleMusic" )


@Simeon , fantastic stuff! Will you be able to do things like change the volume level (easy then to use the tween library to fade sounds in and out) and perhaps a callback for when the sound has finished playing? Probably asking too much at this stage :wink:

What file types will be supported? (Please include .wav, .mp3, and .ogg?)

And in addition to everything @andymac3d said, maybe have the function return a variable you can use to change pitch too?



@emsi @jrohanian This discussion is over a year old, and these features were implemented a long time ago. Please try and check the last post’s date before replying…