PlatFormer Type Thing

Well I found some inspiration to make a platformer but had no idea where to start.
Then I found this link made by someone her on the forum:
and decided to copy his code and try to understand it.

After about a day, I kinda had the idea of what it was doing and kind of edited to do things I wanted.
I was able to manipulate it to have just the regular blocks, the “air” and then added lava.

As you’ll see in the video:
– the blocks affect everyone, from the alien to the player

– the lava spreads to any block that’s empty and to the bottom, left, or right of it

– and lava kills everyone, ask it should do

I want to give a shout out to @thebombdiggity for throwing the code out there.

Thanks for watching


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Wow @maurizzioG that is a really cool example. You did a really good job editing that code to make something that looks like more fun than what I made. I wish I had put in comments before posting it to make it easier to read, sorry about that.

@thebombdiggity thanks and thanks for putting the code in the forums to begin with.