Pixel Art.

For those like me whose computer is not working. It’s similar to spritely, you can edit and make images using it, and then save them to the Documents folder. I also added the Coder/Decoder made by @Ignatz recently edited by @Jmv38. The last saved image is Coded and saved in a new tab. Here’s a video showing how to use it. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1u7-xLIBWdI and here’s a link to the project, https://gist.github.com/Saurabh96jun/6478125 and yeah make sure to check the settings tab before using the program, if the grid doesn’t seem come properly on the screen after just editing the settings, I’m here to help.

Looks very, very cool. Could be the next Spritely!

I have edited my version of pixelArt because i wanted to focus on icons. There is a saveIcon button that saves the icons in a tab ‘icons’, in a table ‘icons’. Here is the gist:

It is very handy to create icons. However, i like more the interface of Spritely. The ideal would be to keep the Spritely interface and put the pixelArt functionnalities and speed inside…

@saurabh i modified the grid so now it comes fine on ipad1! Anyway, who needs resolution to draw 32x32 icons?

Thanks @Jmv38. The icons are looking good maybe i’ll try changing the interface to that of spritely, cause the whole of pixelArt is just the grid class the rest of it is UI.