Path finding

In my game I’m making I have the player and enemies. How would I make the enemies move towards the player until they reach him? thanks

Check this
You are welcome.


would you mind explaining it some?

I believe jumper works only with a grid-based system, no?

@compactbear, search for Targeted Motion, or even better I’ll get the link in a minute

EDIT Here it is:

Might be what you are looking for

Thanks and yes. No grids :wink:

@JakAttak. This works Great! how do I make the mobs move slower and follow a moving body?

@compactbear, I’m on my phone right now so I cant test this, but to increase speed, where it says move = move:normalize() * 10 decrease 10 to make it move slower. It moves to wards the vec2 target so change it to move towards your moving body’s position