Pass variable to URL

I have learned php/sql before and I am wondering if I can do something like:
http.request( '")
To connect to server

Ahhaha,still don’t understand why it doesn’t work
I followed your(@Ignatz) advice,and it still does nothing-.-
Haha,never mind…I’ll come back to this problem in the future
Gotta learn more basic things first;)

@Erigglehawker - this may help

@Erigglehawkere, actually this is the one I meant


Thanks!!That helps a lot:)

And…? This is a tip that some people with no experience with PHP might find useful, so try putting it on the wiki instead of the forums. Thanks!


http.request( ""..p,callbackFunction)

you need to provide a callback function as above, because http.request is asynchronous.

Because draw runs 60 times a second and doesn’t wait for anything, you’ll need to set a flag in there to prevent anything happening until the http.request is complete

@Erigglehawker - Then I misread the post. :slight_smile: Not your fault. I was up late.

Glad Ignatz’s helped you. Did I misread the post or was it edited, out of curiosity?

@Zoyt Well,I didn’t really understand what you were talking about,so I just ignored that…(sorry :-S ) My English is terrible… Oh by the way,I didn’t edit the post

@Zoyt :slight_smile: Thanks for replying anyway