Particular: particle system

Particular is a fully configurable particle system. I made it taking my fireworks toy as an example and changing it to use meshes. The demo application shows you the different configurable parameters and how they affect the particles in real time.



Take a look.
Watch out for those fps! (If fps get very low just restart the app, as rectangles cannot be removed from meshes the only way to get rid of them is clearing the emitter)

Hi, welcome back!

Can I draw your attention to this comment on your Fireworks code, it would be really useful to have it licensed if that would be okay. And we hope that it was okay to use it in one of the example projects (the Anagram one).

Very nice!

Like it!

I’ve added save/load and export functionality.

Particular Particle v2.0

This is so brilliant. Thanks!

Nice. The last particle system I played with was in blender.

I’ll spend some actual time on this and make the export much nicer. Its very crude and replacing output is a pain. I’ll have it save multipal effects that will be included via including the library.