Parameter Slide Bar set increment


I was wondering if I can set the increment that a slide bar goes up by?

parameter(“Base”, 1, 100) can I somehow set it so that it goes up or down by 1 and not by decimals?



@Killercatfish: try the iParameter command

parameter("base",1, 100)

iparameter("base integer", 1, 100)

I guess this is what you are looking for?

Just note that you can’t have spaces in parameter names (second example with “base integer”) as it publishes them as global variables.

Is there a way to adjust the position of a slider so that it stays in synch with changes made to the global?

It’s something I want to add, @Mark, and I noticed it most in your Spritely project - it would be great if we could get the sliders syncing with the selected colour.

One of the problems I faced was:

  • If we update the slider every frame, what happens when the user drags it?
  • We need to have a system where, as soon as the user touches the slider, it stops reading from the environment. I’m not exactly sure how to do that.

A moving slider keyed to a variable would be good. Thinking also of music tempo and (one day) volume etc.