Parameter Bug (Codea bug, not code!)

While fiddling around with meshes, I found a bug: If you’re moving a number/integer parameter, and press the reset button Codea crashes. I haven’t tested this with other parameters, but I would assume it would crash with them, too.

Strange, I just tested it in the Parameters example, and only numbers/integers make the bug.


Sorry for bumping again, but I feel this really is a bug that should be fixed, so…


Do you have a small example of the bug so others can see what’s happening. Maybe there’s an explanation or work around.

@dave1707 It’s not a code bug, or an error with a built-in function, it’s a bug with Codea itself. If you go into the Parameters example, put your finger on an integer or number slider, and if you can drag your finger around and change the variable, press the restart project button while dragging it. Insta-crash.

Also, not to spam two more threads, if you use camera() with the eye x and z and the look-at x and z coordinates the same, Codea crashes trying to figure out what direction to aim the camera,

And you know with some built in functions when you put the text cursor thingy on a line little bubbles appear telling you what each parameter is, and text appears to the right of it highlighted in green the function’s description? On parameter.text() it says the description of parameter.boolean(), that it creates a boolean parameter switch.

@SkyTheCoder I couldn’t try the camera bug, my iPad 1 doesn’t have a camera. As for the parameter.text() bubbles, that’s just descriptive information and easy for them to correct. It’s just a matter of time and priority. I was able to create the parameter slider crash. That one takes 2 hands to do. One hand on the slider and the other pressing the reset. I don’t think many people will have a problem with that one. But I guess problems won’t get fixed if someone doesn’t find them. I always told my boss that a bug wasn’t a bug until it was found.

The camera bug doesn’t use your iPad’s camera, it uses the camera(eye x, y, z, look at x, y, z, up x, y, z) function, for 3D graphics.

@SkyTheCoder Let me introduce you to the issue tracker.

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