In my app I need to have a “how to play” screen but I have to type every line 1 by 1. Is there a way where you can just type one continues paragraph?

Absolutely. Just type it.

You can tell Codea to wrap the text, like this

textWrapWidth(70) – wrap after 70 characters

@Ignatz @Andrewsimpson4 textWrapWidth is in pixels, not characters. The above will wrap text after 70 pixels. It would be better to say textWrapWidth(WIDTH).

I think what the question meant was that the text should look as if it’s being written (letters being shown one by one)

Instead of using a text command for each line of text, I think what he’s asking is to type what he wants in one big string. Then display that string on the screen using the text command. By using textWrapWidth, he can do that without any problems.

You could always wrap the string in [[ ]]

text([[You can format text this way
it make it a lot easier

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