Paint clone in codea

Here’s a really simple paint clone:
I’ve just started coding in lua.Took me about five minutes to make this.
If you have any way of improving it,please reply.

Fantastic! Great use of RETAINED backing mode :slight_smile:

A tiny amount of code as well. Nice work.

Erase seems a bit buggy though - if you set a colour and change to erase it seems to stick on that colour.

Great! I like small bits of code that do something useful.

For the eraser you need to set fill() and stroke()

Haha. Cool. I’m laughing because when I first got Codea, I programmed almost the exact same code, and then added brush size, color, and opacity. Very nice. This is a great example of how easy Codea makes it to learn Lua! Thank you TLL!

It’s great

Amazing, how New programmers grow into programming.

Nice work! Didn’t know of “CurrentTouch.prevX” before…