Overview of the development environment

I’m looking for an overview of the Codify environment. I don’t mean the IDE but more the structure of creating Codify apps. BTW, the app is amazing, can’t wait for the next version update.


Theres’s a good overview here, and we’ll be creating some of our own.


Marcelol, it’s also helpful for you to be familiar with the “Processing model” and a little bit of Lua.


Thanks guys. I checked out a bit the processing model and I’m assuming it’s not all implemented in Codify.

marcelol: Processing has significantly more graphics related functions at the moment. We’re expanding Codea (Codify) though.

Thanks Simeon for the reply. I’m new to this, but why is the name interchangeable? I mean Codea vs Codify.

Someone had dibs on codify

We are in the process of renaming Codify to Codea due to trademark issues.

Got it! Thanks guys!