Other iOS coding?

Hi everyone,

I’m just wondering what other (if any) programming apps are available on the App Store for creating simple games?

(I know things like GeoVertex and Gamepress exist but they are very limiting and don’t allow you to do any code)

is Codea the only thing out there? (I’m not looking to swap, I’m just interested)

@Jmv38 - based on other posts, I think Syntonica knows all about those things

(and he has chosen to be with us because we have such pretty OO syntax coloring :smiley: )

@ignatz Yes, it was the glorious syntax coloring. I’m surprised it hasn’t suckered more people in. I get closures and metatables, but I’m going to have to dig into coroutines to see how they work, although with the draw() loop, they may not be necessary for my purposes.

now where did I leave that brick…

@Syntonica what igntaz says is correct, but these constructs are more complex to manage and understand, and you can very well start making great things with codea, without knowing them. Starting with those as a ‘must’ would have discouraged me right away!

@syntonica - maybe you already know about closures, metatables and coroutines, but if not, they are very powerful tools in Lua.

@syntonica i have codea, kodik php, javascript, pythonista, procoding.
I use codea 99.9% of time. Because it is so sweet… And i love the blue color of good OO syntax ( :wink: that one was for @ignatz)

@Jmv38 Now that I’ve started poking around in Codea, my code is going to write itself. Once I grasped what draw() was doing. Being able to pass functions makes my life so much easier, the way that I think.

andymac got it.

@Paul123 - Dont worry mate, its still a bit of trial and error with the old Google search on the forum. I tend to bookmark anything interesting while its still fresh in my mind - a nightmare to find something later on. :slight_smile:

I use Textastic to do html and php.

I did search Zoyt, guess I’m just stupid as nothing showed up.

I’m sorry

@Paul123 - this has been discussed at length here, with a nice compilation done by @Bee (I think this is the one you meant @Zoyt ?)


Please search the forums. There was a discussion with a compilation od these, but I’m on an iPhone, so I can’t search. I use IMHO with “in my humble opinion”, but it varies.

I use imho = “in my honest opinion”

Hi @Paul123,

Haven’t purchased yet, but will be doing so shortly, is:

Kodiak Javascript

I have the Kodiak PHP which is well produced, if their Javascript is as good it will be fine for me. It covers 50 libraries including Three.js, also covers HTML5 and CSS.

Other options - Procoding, several Python options and assorted others.

Please feed back any views on your own experiences if you do branch out beyond Codea.



Forgot, there’s also techBASIC, which is pretty nifty, especially if you want to interface with other. gadgets, but it has NO sound, not even a beep, from what I could see and the stand-alone app maker will set back another 50 clams.

I couldn’t decide, so I got both Codea and Pythonista. I’m not a big Python fan, but for the cost of entry into app development without using Cocoa (and compared to the old days when devkits could run $100s to $1000s), it was a no brainer.

Time will tell which is the more useful for -my- purposes. It’s a YMMV thing, too.

@Jmv38 Yup!

Thanks andymac3d, I’d like to know why that flipping thread never showed up in the searches I did though. whatever :frowning:

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Pyhtonista is the other big one, But imho, Codea is better