Open Game Art

This is very possibly relevant to many of our interests (it was to mine):

There’s a ton of stuff here to both use and inspire new ideas.

This one is especially awesome:

There’s some great resources there… Do you guys know if anyone has done any “cutting up sprite sheets” stuff with Codea, programmatically?

I believe @ruilov implemented an atlas system and shared the code here on the forums.

An atlas system basically renders all textures into a single image and then uses a mesh to draw multiple sprites on the screen by setting the texture coordinates of mesh vertices such that they only reference particular sub-rectangles of the image. @ruilov’s code goes both ways — it makes the sprite sheets then renders straight from them (this is, in general, a more efficient way to render as there is no texture switching overhead.)

You probably don’t want to cut up the sprite sheets. If you familiarise yourself with the mesh class you can create a system to draw directly from the sprite sheets in a more efficient manner.

Maybe some future support for which is quite nice to use. Or even better if Codea automatically makes a texture with multiple sprites when adding images to a project. :slight_smile: