[OFF TOPIC] Stellar Wars! - Castle defense (My wife's game)

Thought I’d plug my wife’s latest game. It’s a tower defense game that came out last week. It’s the third game in Liv Games’ “War” series.

Stelar Wars

@Briatfox, I’ll go ahead and assume that wasn’t made in Codea :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks really nice

Very nice art work. Very professional also: it is localized in french!

@Briarfox this looks great! Does your wife do the art work herself?

I ran across it on TouchArcade being advertised (trying to get my app blogged there), and I remember seeing this thread. So I thought I might drop a word that it is getting around. And it looks very well done.

@Luatee She’s a 2d environmental concept artist and does some 3d texture work as well.

@Zoyt Advertising is key. Send out free codes to all the review sites. I’d also tell them your age and see if they’d write a story on you. More news == more money.

@Briarfox Wow that’s great, are there programs or anything that make game art creation a bit easier? I’m not a great illustrator.

Photoshop and After Effects :slight_smile:

I never gave photoshop a go before, I’ll have a try thanks :slight_smile:

@Luatee - Trust me, it’s not something you just pick up. It takes lots, while i ~= 1 do print("and lots,") i = 0 end of practice to make good art with Photoshop.
@Briarfox - Has you or your wife ever had any experience with App Gratis? I just got an email from them, and I asked them for their pricing matrix.

Never delt with them. Her company has used tapjoy.

@Zoyt it’s not something you just ‘buy’ either :-)) I’m going to stick with vector art, that seems to be the easiest!

Gimp or paint.net will work fine. If you need an artistic touch use art rage v2 on up. My final suggestion would be procreate on the ipad.