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Is $200 for an Apple iMac G4 a good deal I found it on line and it looks good but online is always a little sketchy is that to much to sink into this or am I possibly,getting lucky

It will work for what we were talking about. A lot of apps work on it, but you can only get up to OS X 10.4. It’s always good to have a mac. You just can’t have the Mac App Store. The new Xcode won’t work also. I have the newest Mac Mini, and I’m loving it. Maybe try getting a 2 generation on Mac Mini (the one right before the redesign) for cheap. They’ll work on Lion.

A G4 is really obsolete. I wouldn’t spend money today on any PPC-based mac - the latest OS will not run on it. In fact, the last couple OSs won’t run on it.

If you’re looking for a cheap mac - consider a refurbished mac mini, intel version. I don’t know prices… but I expect it’ll be closer to $400 than $200.

If you’re getting a mac just to mess with moving files to Codea - don’t. Don’t get me wrong - I like the mac, I use em daily - but you can use windows or linux to move files to Codea as well.

@Bortels thank you I was looking at getting a Mac already and I have found this on eBay what do you think of it

It’s a G4. See my first comment.

Ah darn it I didn’t realize it was a g4

Any one want to make a donation to the Michael would like a mac mini foundation

I was thinking of a Mac mini … Then I found Codea

Yeah I love codea it’s been great learning I plan to go to college for game development in a couple years and until now I had noe experience coding or any of that I am narrowing this I pad from my school so w
I was hoping to buy an I Mac or a mini Mac for my home that way after I have to give the I pad back I can still use love codea and use other tools available to learn the ropes of game making and programming in general

Michael, why don’t you just buy a refurbished iPad1 from Apple store nearby your home? I think its price is around $200 in US. CMIIW. iPad1 is enough to get you playing around with Codea.

He told me in a private conversation that he’s getting a $175 Mac Mini 4G with 512MB of RAM that I showed him.

@bortels do you know anyone looking to sell a Mac laptop or desktop in good condition for a good price

Sorry, nope. But - I wouldn’t buy a used Mac, except a a refurb from apple. Macs have a lot of apple-only parts, so without the apple warranty it’s a risk. I either get my machines from apple, or build them myself (I run Linux on the desktop, use my MacBook pro from work)