[OFF-TOPIC] Polycode

I throught I might point out Polycode. It’s a game engine with 2D and 3D capabilities that distributes to Mac and PC (with iOS and Android coming soon). It allows you to code in Lua and C++. It also has the Bullet physics engine built in. Anyways, they’ve got a great features page with all sorts of info, so I’ll leave it at that quick synopsis.

Looks brilliant, is it available now?

I’ve tried it once, even before this major overhaul (IDE and 2d/3d editor)… Even back then it was really cool! I was able to make animations and stuff within minutes. It’s a great framework. Somewhat in between Love2D, Codea and Unity3D. But its development lasts for too long now and this turned me off. When the binaries get finally released, I’ll try it again…