(Off Topic) Codea convention

Well yeah if we now organise some kind ludum-darish event ?

It’s almost,holidays so better start preparing soon, tho I think it’s to close by to vote for theme’s, that’s a shame don’t you think?

I’d really love such an event for codea only :wink:

Codea Dare :slight_smile:

That would be awesome

And this:


Yeah I know right, but I think we’re a little to late to organise something for the holidays… but maybe for some time later? :wink:

I’m thinking that, since folks are going to probably have a bit of time over the holidays, I’ll revive the idea of a Codea competition. Say $100 worth of iTunes credit (50 for first, the rest spread over the top four) to be handed out on Jan 1, with all pencils (and fingers) down, code turned in, by midnight on New Year’s Eve (make it midnight Sydney, which seems only fair). Panel of three judges (who are free to create entries, but can’t take a prize). Topic to be announced Christmas Day.

Yes, yes. Holidays. Family obligations. Travel. Just consider it all part of the challenge.

What do you think?

@Mark I think it’s a wonderfull idea, I’ll try to participate, would even do if there were no prizes :wink:

Any rules?

I’m so freaking bad at game art, please let us use free_to_use game art xd
(with proper crediting ofcourse)

I’m reluctant to put too many restrictions on this round. Like many contests, I’m thinking games (or non-game apps) with a single word or short phrase as a theme to be incorporated. I’ll compile a list of such terms, and ask someone (@Simeon, if he feels like playing) to select a number that will determine the theme.

On art… What’s the advice of those who have participated in other such contests?

I would like to enter… @Ignatz +1

I’m a Jew, holidays are done for me, no challenges for traveling. :wink:

@Mark I would like to be able to use others’ free art (with credit) but I think personally I would make my own.

(I was writing the above comment while you were writing yours)

And why not use random.org to choose which phrase? :stuck_out_tongue: No biased opinions there.

I’d love to take part in this contest :slight_smile:

Perhaps judges could be the TLL team?

For Art, opengameart.org would be quite useful, as long as proper credit is given. The best part is that the full Platformer Art is up on there

@Mark - Finally… Something to do over the holidays. Sadly, I don’t have a laptop, so this will be great. Quick question: Does it have to be strictly Codea code, or can I export it to Xcode and add a bit of Objective-C magic?
Also, I’d love to pitch into the $100, but I’m pretty much running on about $30 right now because of the dev account and other charges for releasing my app. I’d be happy to throw in a few (up to 5) promo codes to my app, though.

I’m going to be in San Francisco during GDC next year. I’ll try to organise a Codea meetup if enough people are interested.

@John - Sounds cool, but sadly it’s a school week. :frowning:

@Joh, sou,ds cool indeed, sadly I don’t have enough money (well I do but I don’t think it’s worth it :wink: for ‘just’ a convention) to travel to there

@stevon8ter - “‘just’ a convention”… GDC? :-)) JK.

well that’s why I put the " ’ " around just

@John I’m interested.