(Off Topic) Codea convention

If there was one, where do you think a good place to put it would be? What would people do there besides hang out?

@Ignatz +1

@Zoyt, you’re correct.

It’s not impossible to happen! GDC would be a great event

@John - You might try linking people to a pole that asks wether they want to do it or not (in the little news thing in Codea).

John, whether or not this comes off, I suggest it would be nice, when you release your iOS7 version, for you and Simeon to do a little video to introduce it.

Most of us don’t even know what you guys look like!

+1 @Ignatz

@Ignatz - I believe that they talk in the Crabitron video (http://www.crabstarter.com), but I’m not sure (it’s blocked on my school wifi). Anyways, yes, +1.

Not enough money to fly to GDC, let alone getting tickets and flying back…

No San Francisco for me, im 15 with school, part time job, and no travelling money :frowning: but I would love to attend via Skype if it’s on a good day

@CodeaNoob Same here!

Hmm… I’ve wanted to go to GDC anyways… Maybe I could somehow make my app popular to make money and skip a few days (I have a 4 day week, and I can miss 9 a semester) of school…

@Zoyt, I wish I went to your school!

@CodeaNoob - Haha… We have short school days and 4 day weeks, but when you account he homework, I probably spend more time on schoolwork that you. (It’s a college prep school) Anyways, back on topic.

I think we can agree everyone would want the Codea convention to be as close as possible to themselves?

And aside from hanging out, obviously CODING!


I agree with @SkyTheCoder, it should be nearby everybody, but that would be difficult considering everyone lives on different continents.

The closest place would be… my ipad screen? What about a Skype Convention? (let’s be modern!)

Heck, I could use an excuse to go to Australia!

A Skype convention is a good idea…

My Skype username is skywarp626 I believe. (Only chat though, right?)

Also I was bored so I just made this in Blender:


@Jmv38 Aslong as we have the Developer Q&A and Hackathon, totally!