[Off Topic] Blek - New iPad game with interesting game mechanics..

Here’s an interesting new game thats just come out on the App Store which seems to be ideally suited to the iPad/touchscreen. Whilst not written in Codea, I guess a game like this would be relatively straightforward to write in Codea:


I really like games that use the touchscreen effectively (rather than simply copying old-school gaming concepts and porting them across). Also, I thought i’d share this as theres been a fair bit of discussion lately about gesture recognition etc which might stir up some further interesting debates. :smiley:

What about a competition? Topic: innovative gesture-based-game! :smiley:

That looks really interesting. I’m sure there is some sort of educational possibilities from it as well.

Not specifically gesture based, but saw a video about Forced Perspective. Have a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOfll06X16c. Would work well with touch gestures and the iPad screen.

You’ll already all know about this since it’s made by the creators of Codea, but crabitron is a game that cannot really be implementing on traditional control schemes, too.

@Jmv38 - I like the idea of a gesture-centric competition - lots of potential to do something quite novel. The Easter Codea Cook Off is not far away :wink:

Been playing around with Blek this evening and its really well thought out, had my 8 year old daughter playing it and she picked it up straight away which is always a good sign. It has the same abstract simplicity of games like Osmos (another excellent example of a unique game you could only really do on the iPad) - would be keen to know if anyone can suggest other similar style games. Hmmm.

Why do my ideas ALWAYS get taken! I swear the NSA is listening in on my thoughts and reporting them to other developers. :-w I had an idea very similar to this.

@Zoyt - I felt exactly the same when Angry Birds came out - I feel your pain :wink:

Am I the only one who HATES angry birds now that they’re over expanding their franchise?

@CodeaNoob - You are far from alone.

I to hate angry birds. There just milking it for money now.

too* and They’re*

Personally, i’m a fan of Angry Birds GO! once i look past the serious push towards in-app purchases. Would i have rather payed 2 bucks once for unlimited play? Sure. But does that mean the actualy game/gameplay sucks and i hate it? Absolutely not.

I just think that they make WAAYYY too many games for something that should’ve been a one or two game series, also, I hate the T-Shirts and merch I see everywhere with Angry Birds on it, One of my biggest pet peeves EVER! Right after Plagarism! The shirts aren’t even funny anyway…

@CodeaNoob @Goatboy76 @JakAttak +1

Ok, Back on Topic to the off topic question! Lol

Haha. I’m stuck on level 51 (or 52, I forget). Edit: In Blek.