Object Oriented Drawing

Here’s a little utility I made based on a question some guy had then abandoned. It is for creating objects that will draw until you tell them not to, but it also has a lot of functions for controlling said objects. Currently it only supports meshes, sprites, rectangles, and ellipses, but I plan to eventually add custom draw types (text,triangles, x-sided polygons, lines, counters and sliders that watch variables, etc) and I also intend to add a plethora of new functions to control the draws. Suggestions and feedback are more than welcomed. I could not add a video as most of the features aren’t visible, really. The functions are explained in the code for your convenience.


EDIT: also, I wasn’t sure what to call this thread, so if it’s misleading or inaccurate, feel free to suggest a better name

@Monkeyman32123 I haven’t used it but I had a quick read through and imho I don’t know why you would need this class but if it persists correctly then I can see it being very useful to people who don’t understand the 60Hz draw cycle. Although even so it is very useful for quick manipulation of objects!

As I said it was inspired by an old question by someone who abandoned it, and that question happened to be about not understanding the 60 Hz draw cycle :stuck_out_tongue:
And I also just made it for myself so that, instead of having to rewrite the bits if code I need to move objects, I can instead just import this class and have quick and easy object manipulation. There is no absolute necessity to the class, i just found it’d be useful for those who didn’t understand the draw cycle, or those who wanted a simpler way to manipulate objects (which I personally found to be easy, but at times made my code a muddled mess, and I wanted a way to make the code cleaner and crisper)