Not all asset packs showing

Hi Guys,

I downloaded the additional asset packs recently.

I just noticed when browsing the iPads file system from my PC there is an additional asset pack called ‘Game Music One.assetpack’. Although this doesn’t show up when I go to insert a sound.

I only get;

Sound Generator, Documents, Dropbox, A Hero’s Quest (although gramatically incorrect LOL - should be “A Heroes’ Quest”), & Game Sounds One

Although I can call the music files if I address them directly like sound(“Game Music One:Venus”)

Is there something I can edit in the assetpack to make it show up in the list?

Also I attempted to make my own asset pack as well and it doesn’t show up either. Same deal though, I can call the file directly and can also get it to play. Just wondering if I can make this visible too.

Otherwise, Codea looks like an awesome tool :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

@Simeon For my family I had administration 350 images stored in the Documents folder. These pictures I have now with iExplorer moved to the folder - Game Music One.assetpack -. All images are numbered from B1.png to B350.png. This I can then read with p [i] = “Game Music One: B” … i to a table.
Or show as sprite(“Game Music One:Bxx”,200,200)
How can I create a separate Ordner.assetpack?

Actually, “A Heroes’ Quest” could be correct as that would be a single quest for multiple heroes.

@Andrew_Stacey I guess it can work, but it’s a little unusual. Edit: it might be better written “A Quest for Heroes”?

Try replacing “Heroes” with a different plural noun, like “People”. For example, “A People’s Quest” seems a bit awkward, where “The People’s Quest” reads better.

@matox if you create a Folder.assetpack folder in Codea’s Documents folder, then it should work. I’m unsure if it needs the Info.plist file as well, but you can examine that from other asset packs.

Game Music One is a music only asset pack, so it doesn’t show up in the sound() insertion available packs.

Also, how is A Hero’s Quest grammatically incorrect?

@JakAttak is correct about why music packs don’t show up in sound(), they are designed to be used with music(). It is inefficient to play them with sound().

On the grammar: Heroes' would imply that the quest belongs to multiple Heroes. Hero's implies it is a singular Hero’s quest (which is the intention).

“A Heroes’ Quest” doesn’t actually make sense because of the article A preceding the rest of the sentence. A implies a singular hero (e.g., “A Hero” vs. “A Heroes”).

Thanks guys. That clears it up.

Although, why would it be inefficent to play music as sound? Sorry for the newbie question (only been using Codea for two days).

On the grammar thing “Hero’s” indicates plurality. "Heros’ " indicates ownership.

So, in this case it should actucally be “A Heros’ Quest” then. :slight_smile:


“Hero’s” does not indicate plurality, it indicates singular possession. “Heroes” is the plural form of “Hero.”

Hero - singular
Heroes - plural

Hero's - singular possessive
Heroes' - plural possessive

It’s inefficient to play music as sound because sound() loads the entire sound into memory before playing it. It’s designed for short sound effects. The music function will stream music in the background using the hardware decoder, resulting in lower CPU usage and lower memory usage for large files (e.g., music tracks).

@Lonewolff, Simeon is correct re: grammar.

@Simeon, at any point in the future would it be possible to play multiple music tracks over one another? (This is the only reason I could see playing music files with sound(), plus it could create some cool effects)

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