Past behaviour - aggressive comments and requests for help. Said he was giving up a few weeks ago.

Current behaviour - angry spamming of several threads

I vote to ban.

It appears that he does this kind of thing fairly regularly. I found him spamming Deer Hunter ios and a GTA fanclub website.

I know Andrew send him a PM warning. I think that should be viewed as his final warning. If there are any more issues I vote Ban. He will probably just create a new user so we will have to be vigilant.

Since then, Noobatcoding copied a message he was sent by Andrew, to all of these: Simeon, Andrew_Stacey, Zoyt, KMEB, GLaDOS, Luatee, JakAttak, Prynok, kirorp, Noobatcoding, potatos

He is unrepentant, and in my view, has gone way over the line.

What did he say? I take it that it was not an appology.

@Ignatz you got my vote. Nuke him. He is unhealthy for the community.

He didn’t say anything, just tried to involve other people. He is basically stirring people up.

I will delete him now. I suspect he will come back, but that’s something we will have to deal with.

He recreated noobatcoding and posted an ascii middle fingure. I deleted him again.

We may need to ban his IP address. I wonder if that’s possible.

I’m wondering if we should just move to a system where new users must wait for a moderator to approve them. This may cut out a lot of the spammers and I would not mind approving people via email. This would slow noobatcoding down for sure.

It will only work if we have IP addresses, otherwise he will just use a different name

Noobatcoding is back as the user hello. He’s asking why he was banned… I do not think that he is going to go away willingly. @Simeon could we consider having admins authorize users? This might slow down spammers if they have to wait to get access.

I really wish noobatcoding would just go away. I believe he’s the spammer that I’ve deleted multiple times today. Spammer names are now very close to common posters names such as Jakattaks and the spammer is using thread titles such as “I need help with coding” and “Look at my new game”.

He keeps coming and I keep knocking him down.

Wish we could see the posting IP address.

If you look at all users (the default choice when you’ve deleted a user) it shows latest IP address

@Ignatz, I do not believe I have that option. Can you take over deleting noobatcoding for awhile. I’ve been doing it all day and I really need to get some work done.

Sure thing

He’s changing his email (same domain) and his ip with each user.

A little while ago, I nailed him before he got a chance to post a message. With a little luck he’ll think we’ve automated our responses.

@Ignatz we can now approve/deny applicants. Should see a new tab at the top if there are any pending applicants

noobatcoding is still active, tried to send three members a porn site via the user name potatos.

Please watch out for him when approving applicants, as he is likely to try again. At the moment, the only way we can identify him is that his email address is always in the form (He has learned to use proxies so his IP address changes constantly).