Noob Here

Sorry for these noob questions, but what exactly are Sprites? Heard that word being thrown around and still don’t know what they are. Also, what is github? And, how would I put a code someone types here, onto codea and simulate it. Thanks in advance.

Sprites are 2d images. The sprite function draws a 2d image on the screen. It is used for most any kind of game graphic.

Github is a code repository, which is an online place to store and share code. It also has a lot of cool features like versioning and branching that you will learn about as you become a more experienced coder.

To try someone elses code, you can make a new project in Codea and cut and paste the code in. You can also use a program called iExplorer to transfer Lua files from your computer to Codea. Try searching the Codea forums for “iExplorer” for more info.

@Vega thanks man, really appreciate it.