Non-Game Example

As if you needed more proof, here’s another example of how Codea can be used for far more than games.

The company I work for has mines in both the US and Australia, and twice a day they have to see that the right machines are assigned to the right areas of the mines, and that those machines have operators and assistants. Right now that activity mostly takes place on paper, but with hundreds of workers and machines it can be very confusing.

So here’s a Codea-based solution built using CiderControls and a lot of pilfered icons. In case you’re wondering what the images are, they are tiny continuous miners, shuttle cars, battery haulers, roof bolters, and dozers. Watch carefully when people are being assigned to areas and you’ll see that they can be assigned directly to an area, or dropped on a machine to become the operator.

This is just the top level of functionality of the app, but since I’m doing this for work, it’s all I feel comfortable showing off.


@Mark Nice job. Tell your boss I said you should get a raise for doing this.

Very nice! I’m finding codea very useful for business applications. I would love to see a built in UI someday :slight_smile: