NGN Language Engine

Hey, I just recently finished up the beta version of a programming language I’m writing, and I could really use some beta-testers. If you’re interested in learning a new programming language or even designing one of your own, it would be great if you could try out NGN, and tell me if you come across any bugs.

It comes with a basic multi-purpose configuration that’s pretty similar to Lua, and has a fast learning curve, but the main aspect of this language is that you can modify or add on to its behavior and even make an entirely different language powered by the NGN parsing engine.

Here’s the GitHub page - the there has a comprehensive reference to the syntax for the default configuration, and basic instructions on how to modify, add on to, and create NGN language configs.

I’ll be posting example programs using NGN here. I just added a simple program that (poorly) animates a ball bouncing, and prints out some stuff to demonstrate some aspects of the configuration. I’ll also be working on a Codea-specific config add-on that you can use; it’ll probably have lots of graphics and image processing stuff, along with some of Codea’s other features (file I/O, data storage, etc).

hello @FLCode
What is the exclusive benefit of your new langage? On the github readme i cant find anything ‘better’ than LUA, so what should be our motivation for learning this new langage? Or did i miss something?

syntax looks a little like php - dislike … lua seems simpler to me

I’m honestly not sure what the benefit is yet, as it’s still a work in progress

@FLCode - I think it’s a great way for you to have fun and learn about languages (and Lua), but it may be too much to expect other people to want to spend time learning it at this early stage!

There’s probably not much use in learning the language itself yet, but it’s meant to be a language that can be used by the end user of your software to write plugins, so if you need something like that it might be worth a shot to learn how the language works

I’m rewriting it to hopefully be more useful, I’ll update here once it’s actually worth using