Next version suggestions (Current 2.1.1)

@Slashin8r not sure on how your menu works but you could accomplish it in bulk with translate and the length or the longest string :slight_smile:

Edit: or just the above in a loop for each menu item

@simeon I would really love a tag or some other way to exclude a tab from being imported as a library. Similar to how main is excluded. I find myself having to cram a bunch of UI code into the main file so it is not included when I import the project as a library.

This is an outstanding app that almost does what I need for my projects.
For the projects I am working on, I really need the following features:

  1. Support for bluetooth LE devices. iOS supports these but Codea does not yet appear to have the tools. These are such things as sensors and custom output device control. As an example of what these could be used for, check out the RFduino project by OpensourceRF. Please, please, please, consider this seriously. This type of project will be flooding the market soon and I cannot find any other easy solution for iOS devices other than Codea.

  2. Project sharing - I see that this is already in the works to get it back. I hope you are successful.

  3. Project launching from the desktop - This was requested by several people. Please add me to this list. This feature should run the project just as if it were a stand-alone app with all the proper look and feel.

+1 to shortcut on home screen! I’d really like to be able to access by personal apps that I have no plan of ever distributing via its own icon so I do not have to export and compile in xcode.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been playing arround with iDraw to make some graphical resources and i noticed it has a “send to app” button which appears to be like an “open with” button. It would be good if Codea was one of the apps the graphics can be opened with to import them as sprites. iDraw can “send to app” in Svg,Pdf,Jpeg and png formats.

Edit: It seems it’s like a file association in Windows terms :slight_smile: so in theory you’d be able to import images strait from your browser too.

It would be nice if codea could record audio of the application along with video. It would make the videos better than ever. And also record the alert messages which aren’t recorded currently.

We need an option to encrypt the code to protect the app once exported…this could be done by letting us, like the previous versions of Codea lib, to inject the code as a string to the projectLoad function …

I know, old-ish, but I’d like open in so I could get something from a different app and easily put it in codea. I’d like a option on the keyboard options ( like syntax highlighting, code search if you didn’t get where I was coming from ).

I have one suggestion and I doubt it’ll get done as I’m probably the one one who wants it but I’d even pay more to get this one feature!!

Let us EITHER export a project from codea so that on your ipad it has its own seperate app icon! …or… export an icon but the icon launches the project from within codea itself.

basically I want external icons for any finished games, I DO NOT mean exported to the app store. NO… I mean only for my personal use on the device they were coded on! call it ease of use. Sometimes my wife wants to play a simple game I mean and its annoying she has to load codea then the project and run it. a seperate external icon either launching a totally seperate game exe or simply autolaunching codea and loading the project.

NO. I dont have a mac to use the xcode export and I will never buy a mac, so publishing an app is never going to happen for me.

I would pay an IAP of £5-$10 for that feature alone.

At first, a seperate app icon for a Codea project sounds impossible…but in case TLL was wondering how, I got an idea. What about that thing that TestFlight does, where it installs a bookmark onto your home screen, and when you press on the icon it opens the TestFlight page in Safari? It’s not an app downloaded from the App Store, it’s something called a “web clip,” I think. What if Codea had its own URL scheme, where it could install a web clip that, when opened, would be picked up by Codea to automatically open and run the project?

I would pay for this feature, too.

@SkyTheCoder, yes, a Codea url scheme that takes a project name + web clips would probably do the trick.

In Pythonista you can already do this by bookmarking a link to your script on your homepage screen. It’s almost like the real deal!

+1 to shortcut from home screen and also + lots for database access.

Love codea

My suggestions:

. Shader syntax in main editor, be able to add a shader tab.

. Share code/video button to more easely share code/video to the forum. A big feature is the active forum, so anything that can support it would be nice. i guess Apple isnt as restrictive any more of code sharing? Otherwise maybe some default sharing via gist? And with a “run” button fir examples in the forum.

. Text input field. hard to write in lua, and want to be able to use the native copy/paste and cursor movement.

@tnology Codea has no way of telling if you multi-line string is a shader or just a string, so i don’t think you could have the syntax. Text input fields have been made many times before and aren’t that hard to make. @LightDye has one with cursor movement, and now in 2.0, we have the ability to add in the copy/paste.

As for sharing code or videos, there’s already the copy button, and CC. I may plan to make an easier way to share code in the future, though.

Well, you could use a context aware parser that matches shader([[]],[[]]) similar to how html/css/javascript styling is handled in desktop code editors, so it is possible, but a convention is needed.

Oh, do you have a link. To textfield with native copy/paste, missed that feature in the update.

Yes, there are solutions, but it would be nice with a more streamlined solution. I for example likes using gist, since it is a bit faster than starting up CC.

What about special characters within the shader string such as:

~ //or another unused symbol

//shader code here

//and to close:

@SkyTheCoder, @tnlogy, I thought tnlogy was suggesting a dedicated tab for shaders, in which case that tab would just have shader syntax built-in, and it wouldn’t be a problem?

One important part of developing an app with code is being able to run it on an iPhone without distortion or other errors, to that end I think it would be a great addition to Codea to include an option to emulate an iPhone’s screen resolution when testing a project on the iPad. Another really cool feature would be the option to create objects or containers with html code in them. That would be highly beneficial to Codea because it would besides many other uses allow many users to implement social features in an easy way. @Simeon I would love to see these features in the next update

Yes, either that or inline support would be nice.