Newbie here..

Hi newbie here, took the plunge in buying codea a few days ago and as I have two weeks off after today I’m going to try and begin to teach myself. This is not a newbie…“where do I find tutorials” question as I have come across most of them and book marked them. Having no coding experience all I see is a numerical mess lol.

This question goes out to all the self learnt codea programmers who had no programming exp before codea…have you any tips or advice on where you started or what helped you learn quicker, what did you learn 1st, how did you pick it up etc. What’s your story?

Ps Are there any Maths skills I need…I don’t mind brushing up on my Maths before starting codea if it would help me better…


Welcome @Aaron!

I’d recommend reading over some straight lua tutorials. I started off by playing around with print() in codea. While learning how to use conditionals and loops. A great tutorial project is Lander -


Like Briarfox, I suggest you start really simple, don’t try any graphics until you know some Lua. Read the various tutorials, practise a little in Codea - you can write all your practice code just in the setup function, and use print to show the results when you run the program, eg print(x)

Just ignore the draw function for now. It isn’t needed if you aren’t drawing anything.

And ask if you get stuck. We are friendly.

When you understand the basics. Try playing around with the axample apps and
try to understand how they are build up.

Even I had 0 coding experience before codea. The first tutorial I found was through codea,then while going through the forums I came across coolcodea. And that was where I learnt almost everything. Afterwards when I understood a bit of what I was doing I saw the unbuilt manual for some useful things I could find. And now I just keep learning from what people post here. There’s always something new to learn. Best way to learn though is ask questions.

@briarfox what did you find was the easiest way to use loops learn conditionals? Are conditions the “if this does this then that does that” kinda thing?

Just looking at the main screen where you do the programming I see function setup and function draw. are these the only two functions in codea or are there loads?

@Aaron you can read about all of the included functions in the codea reference by pressing the eye on the top of the keyboard or the button on the top of the menu screen.