Newbie Discussion Area

Hello all I am a geriatric old programmer but been doing it for years and always learning. S when I see something really great like this I look for a group of new participants where we can get together and help ourselves.
Is this a possibility here?
Whilst this is a very logical and well structured system like anything new we need some advice and guidance from you smart experts so I hope we can get a group together.
Cheers all and thanks

Hi @Gpjma,

Soap box - I’ve said before we need a new form format, no more said.

As an immediate alternative I would encourage anybody setting up a new thread to enter relevant tags when they do. On the Tagged list, in the main menu, there were 405 untagged threads. So,
If you want to get a Newbie section put Newbie down as a tag for the thread. Then you’ll get a tag link in the table, once you’ve built up a few. But, it won’t link to any Newbie threads without the Newbie tag.

The best way to sort this is to have a Newbie Announcement, like version at the top of the forum and Cargo-Bot. I suggested this for loveCodea. If sections are set up like this they are self managing (up to a point).

Question to Simeon - can the thread author edit the tags post setting up the thread?

Forum administrators should be able to do this.

Whining over - I still love to code and post on here despite theses issues.



For each of My Discussions (click button in menu for a list) I have the Options (top right corner of the item in the list) to Edit the discussion, which includes changing its original tags. This page on the wiki may help.

Sometimes it’s harder to manage the forums than learn the code. What happened to good old fashioned tutorials in PDF or such with updates in a forum when needed.
If your traveling a lot (like this old goat) and not on the net …?
Any how this is a great concept in programming despite that.
Cheers all