Newb wanting to build a simple form

I am a total newb wanting to build a simple form to collect information to be submitted by email. Could someone direct me where to start to learn how?

That’s not simple in Codea - think of this as more a graphics system than a business system. You’ll also need a SMTP server (external) that can accept an http POST call to do your email send - Codea doesn’t have a telnet or socket connection.

You could always use an external system to do the emailing for you and write something that you http POST to to get the email, but that’s much more complex.

If you are heart set on building a form, chek out the Cider library on this forum.

Bummer. Thank you for the info.

You could use the information in this post to set up a server in google app engine.

and the code in this one to do dialog boxes and buttons…

Have fun!