New user of Codea


I have just discovered Codea and as a long time programmer, am very impressed, looks very slick and very powerful…

I ‘get’ a lot of the demos, code makes sense (mostly :wink: , my question is: is there API documentation? eg I tried the shader example and flipped out Ripple for Swirl, but nothing happened, black screen, is this because swirl does not support the freq property, somewhat confused…

Anyway, am looking forward to digging in deeper,


Ok, I’ve found the Reference section, digging deeper…

@brookesi note that you can also access the reference section while you code. Press the “eye” button on the keyboard to bring it up alongside your code.

You are correct about the shader example where Swirl does not support the freq property. Shaders are on the more complicated end of things you can do with Codea.

@brookesi. - don’t start with shaders unless you’re an expert. Better to start with all the tutorials (see wiki link above).

It’s really impressive, isn’t it? I’ve had it since it originally came out, but only started playing around with it again recently. Amazing how far it has come.

About the shaders, one thing that you may not have found yet because it’s a little hidden is the shader lab. Tap the icon in the top left corner on the main screen (where you select a project). One item there is the shader lab, you can look at the code of the shaders and see which attributes they support.

Thanks for all your comments, I have made progress now, utilising the ‘walk’ before ‘run’ methodology ;))

Thanks again,

I have a lot of shader posts on my blog, when you’re ready for them

See bottom of this list-

Many thanks