New Tutorial - Submitting Minesweeper to the App Store Part 2

Phew! I keep forgetting what a pain it is to submit an App. Well part 2 of the tutorial is now up at:

I don’t think I missed anything as I wrote the tutorial as I did the actions but let me know if there are steps I glossed over.

Apple willing - the App should be approved in about a week.

Thanks to @Simeon for finding the runtime issue which was driving me bananas. You can read about it in the tute.

Here is a link to the submitted (v1.4) version of the code -

@Reefwing hey I just read your whole tutorial and have a couple questions. I’m also using a splash screen in my application and was wondering if I still need the launch images for my application. Don’t you think it would be a bit redundant to have the launch image and the splash screen right after one another. What did you do or did you remove the splash screen? thanks and I’m hoping to release my application soon.

.@veeeralp - you do need the launch images, this is what gets shown as your App loads. If you were going to dump anything it would be the splash screen. Apple don’t particularly like splash screens as they get in the way of the user but I like to market my brand so I leave them in. If the app gets approved I will update Minesweeper to be universal to see how tricky that is.

Good luck with your App. I look forward to downloading it from iTunes.

.@Reefwing im think of just keeping a basic launch image with just my logo and the made with codea graphic. then i’ll speed up the splash screen which includes all of that plus the title and loading screen. so its kind of like a smooth transition. let me know what you think.

Sounds fine.