New Project creation

Would it be possible to include the Project name in a comment as the first line of Main when a new project is created. I find that I don’t remember which project I’m viewing when switching between a lot of projects when I’m looking for something. Also, would it be possible to allow us to define what functions we want included in new projects. In other words, a template we set up that all new projects will use when created. If a template isn’t created, then your standard functions are used.


That’s a great suggestion Dave. Would you be able to add it to the issue tracker? So we can remember to include it.

The information about Class.lua and Class Template.lua collected in this page from the wiki may be of interest to @dave1707.


Thanks for the info. I looked at the wiki page and found the information below under Templates. I very seldom hook my iPad to my PC and if I do it’s just to do a backup. I also wouldn’t start messing with files on the iPad that I’m not supposed to. I use the iPad all the time and I don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to fix something I screwed up. I reset the iPad one time by mistake and that took some time to get it back to the way it was.

The subfolder Templates of folder has a subfolder Default.codea which contains file Main.lua.

The content of Main.lua is the default content that appears in the Main tab when a new project is created in Codea.