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I would like to introduce myself to this community.

I coded some games on the past (‘Noid’, ‘Enerbrix’ and ‘Exodus’) with other tools; I buy Codea App some months ago (I didn’t see directly on the AppStore, a friend notify me about that), and immediately buy it, although I couldn’t start to use in deep until some days ago.
I found really amazing and fast to develop with it, but with a few lacks (which I hope it will be added on the future).

I will start to code (to learn how Codea and LUA works), a Space Invaders clone (easy enough), but my intention is to code more professional and quality games.

So, do you think that it will be possible to code more professional games with this tool?

Regards, fjsantos.

Just look at “Cargo-Bot” … you’ll be amazed.

Yep, I did

It’s really an amazing and polished App!

Regards, fjsantos.