New keyboard case kickstarter. Good deal if you want a keyboard case. iPad Air.

I picked one up for $79 and you can still pick one up for $89. Looks to be a really nice keyboard case while keeping the ability to use the ipad as a tablet.

Looks very mac like! I just ran in to another one on kick starter called Brydge that has built in stereo speakers for the macbook feel

@Luatee Yeah the brydge looks nice but it’s missing the ability to use it as a tablet but the speaker idea is cool.

I’m currently using a Belkin QODE Ultimate. Very nice keyboard, I’ll probably end up selling it if I really like the Crux.

@Briarfox I like the belkin, I had a logitech similar to that but leather. I found I was knocking it over the stand a lot of the time but that crux looks very professionally done, I might buy one. Although I find the small keyboards uncomfortable.

@Luatee I’m sorry to admit that I’ve gotten so use to a small ipad keyboard that I’m lost on a full size keyboard.

404 error. BTW, you fliped the parenthesis and the brakets for the link. :slight_smile:

@Briarfox I’d have to say its the opposite for me, although I never liked my keyboard it was silicon coated so it had the rubbery physical feel to it. Took me about a week to get used to to type like a computer but I remained preferences with the macbook keyboard (and previous slimline dell keyboard), even though some keyboard cases replicate this it’s not quite the same.

Looks like a cool keyboard, but if don’t think I could afford one. :frowning:

I thought this was noobatcoding again at first. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol @SkyTheCoder That thought did cross my mind when I posted.

I´ve gotten so used to the logitech keyboard for the iPad Mini that every normal keyboard feels like a vaste of space. Even the one on my 11.6" laptop feels huge. But I´m using my pad for everything nowadays, even when I actually use one of my computers, I do it through RealVNC from my iPad. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It´s all about me being out of the house 18 hours a day…