New Game

The code files are too long so if you’d like I made a google doc:

never thought of using google docs but nice game :slight_smile:

@bhob12 you know that Codea has a “copy project code” button for exporting code? Long press the project, tap export, then project code. It puts all the tabs into the clipboard in a format which others can then easily paste back into a project, by long pressing “+ new project”, and then “paste into project”

@yojimbo2000 copy project code button is excellent for copying codes tabs ( only codes not png and wav ) with clipboard.

but i have some projects with a lot of png
when i can export with “export zipped project” in dropbox or GoodReader.

But after how can i import my big zip projects i have stored in my pc ?
before i used ifunbox or iexplorer in my pc win 7
it was very very fast and simple
but it seems not work with iOS 8.3 ( app’s folder invisible )

anyone know if ifunbox or iexplorer or itools works with iOS 9 ( apps folder visible ) ? i don’t see kow i can import many png without ifunbox.

the “open in” function in dropbox apps is not possible with codea

Do you have a solution ? Thanks

@hpsoft this is a problem. Although it’s easier than ever to get code out of Codea, because of Apple’s pettiness, it is difficult to get code into Codea (Apple made the developers remove Codea as a target for “open in” and also iTunes file sharing). See this thread for a number of solutions: