Hello everybody I am a hobbyist developer for the mindwave mobile and it is a device that reads brainwaves like an EEG (because it is one) and allows you to play games with it.

Currently I have gotten an ipad (yay!) and I want to code in lua for it. The ThingGearConnect Driver works with ANY LANGUAGE that accepts sockets

So I really would like some direction in some sample code on how to connect to sockets and all things networking.

I won’t be able to use the thinkgearconnect drivers on the ipad but I can on the computer which means I MUST write the code on the ipad and it must be code that is acceptable on the computer as well.

Please show me some sample code or tell me the TRUTH about the situation that is unknown.

Btw, lua is a great language. Hopping into it very easily. I already am a C# expert, and I know python and some action script so it’s not new to me really.

Codea does not currently allow access to sockets. I know a bunch of guys on here would really like to be able to use sockets. Hopefully TLL will allow it in the future. Currently we have access to basic http requests with http.request().

Good sir, thank you very much for telling me this completely. Codea does not support socket requests and I appreciate being told that.

Is their anyway I could use the LuaSocket add on in codea or use any add ons?

Is there anyway to apply lua addons in codea at this time?

Thank you very much again good sir you are a gentleman and a scholar.

Furthermore their is another way to use the headset to receive data from it as the developer’s wrote many api’s for it.

Instead of the think gear connect driver their is the

thinkgear communication driver for heavier languages such as C, C#, and C++

I just started in lua yesterday (not a newbie programmer, just a newbie LUAer but it’s kind of easy) so I don’t know how radically TRUE this is but they say you can use C functions in lua. Is that a possible way to write the code in an effective mannor?

Thank you very much for your time and considering my question sir.

I started writing a game for the neurosky mindset in c# and xna studios 4.0 and what eneded up happening was because the framework supported by the developers was on 3.5 instead of 4.0 and it did NOT convert because of a small minor intricacy that does not matter to most programs but mattered to the mindset I had to scrap the project or move to xna studios 3.1 which I was NOT going to do.

I am very seriously just trying to find out a way to make this game work before I start developing it again in another programming language. It’s just a simple game where you use your mental states to control a paddle that hit’s balls as a demonstration of concentration and meditation being used in unison. it will probably take like a day to re-write in lua because of how easier this language is than c#, but still before I begin writing a SINGLE LINE OF CODE I want to know if the game is even possible somehow.

after I export a project in codea could I then use sockets Mr. Briarfox?

This stuff is a little beyond my paygrade but I believe you could. You could export to xcode and I believe you can write codea addons for xcode to use lua or use obj c. However I have never done this, hopefully some of the other guys can chime in on this. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Oh thanks so their is a way. I just have to xport to xcode and then use lua addon for xcode instead of objective c and then finally I can have a game that is controlled by brainwaves. This is gonna be great! Thanks Mr. Briarfox