Need Help : Looping

Not sure what type of looping I need to do for an assignment at school. So I need to calculate pi depending on the amount of iterations the user chooses to input. There is a formula I need to do with variables( the value of the variables changes every time it is looped, that’s why it needs to be looped) and I need to loop it however many times the user inputs. What kind of looping would I need to do, and can I also get an explanation on how to do it in codea?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Also, how do you do an exponent in codea?

Like 5 to the power of some variable?

@JessicGriffin, which formula? And take a look at the ‘help’ topic… dave explained it… gave a whole piece of code, tho we don’t know if it is the right formula…

@JessicGriffin See the discussion “Help”, near the bottom. I posted a program there for iterations of Pi. Maybe that will give you an idea, or just use it.

@JessicGriffin - if you want some simple code you can understand, you might try this. You only have to change the two lines marked EDIT.

function setup()
    parameter.integer("Loops",1,1000,10) --change the number of loops here
    parameter.action("Calculate",Iterate)  --press button to run

function Iterate()
    print("Calculating ",Loops," loops")
    x=1  --starting value of your result EDIT
    for i=1,Loops do
        x=x+i^2  --your special formula goes here, note ^ is exponent EDIT
        print(i,"=",x)  --prints values for each loop