Need help about the AppStore

First does Xcode automaticly recode it and make it an app
2nd where do u store the pictures to go with it
3rd what does the process check for when submiting an app so I know what not to put in it or change.

I’d highly recommend @Reefwing’s tutorial on getting your Codea app to the App Store

.@Mnjk78lg - In answer to your questions:

  1. The current version doesn’t but the version in Beta at the moment does. It makes exporting your project to Xcode very easy. In the meantime, as @Mark suggests have a look at my tutorial on this.

  2. This is described in the tutorial - basically they are stored in your custom sprite pack.

  3. Xcode will pick up syntax errors when you compile your App. Runtime errors you need to find yourself as part of your testing regime. There are also a bunch of Apple specific things that you need to watch. These are well documented on the Apple Developers site.

Ok thanks