My User Interface Code: Tutorial

Next in line is my UI library:

Hi @Andrew_Stacey, I can’t run the simple code, I have imported your library (the version you provided in a .zip format) and it gives me the error

error: error: [string "-- User interface class..."]:57: attempt to call global 'Font' (a nil value)

Pausing playback

I looked further into it, so I imported the class Font, then I needed Colour, and then it gave me an error with attempting to index Colour.svg… Is it just that I am using an older version of your library?

Yes, sorry. I forgot to update the zip file when I updated the library. I’ve done it now. I’ve now fixed (some of) the classes so that they automatically import required libraries. As a temporary fix - if installing from the zip isn’t possible right now - you could add the libraries:


to the import list.

Thank you @Andrew_Stacey, I’m just proud of myself I was on the right track! :smiley:

And at least I now know that someone reads these!