My Touch Controller: Tutorial

Following on from publishing my Codea Library, I’ve put up a tutorial on how to use my touch controller. Whilst it probably isn’t the most exciting part of my library, as most of my stuff uses it then it seemed the right thing to start with. You can read it at:

Note: Although the software underlying that is a forum, I’ve disabled comments as it’s really just a fancy way of creating a website. So any comments should either be made by email or (preferably) here.

Quite interesting, although way above my level

At least i learn some ‘‘good programming practice’’ from your detailed explanation (the a = … or … I didn’t know this syntax), so i’am looking forward to read your next tutos, i’am sure i’ll grab some more gold chips. Thanks.

.@Andrew_Stacey Is there an easy way to download your code? Something like a .zip or .tar? Or is there one, and I just can’t see it.

I posted the links to the library here: