my physics world

to try out the physics engine i created a very basic physics world to edit and have fun with. id share the code, but i have to get the images images in set-commands first… and i would share a video, but how?

do not think this thread is unnecessary, i just took a video of my physics world but cant share it… :confused:

happy programming,

Sounds interesting! You can upload the video to YouTube from your Photos app. (You may need to make a YouTube account to do so.)

And then go under share>embed>old code>copy it>paste it in the forums

thanks for the help! i uploadet it now, lets see if it works!

here is the video!

The mobile link doesn’t work, but here is the best way to include YouTube videos:

View the video in your desktop web-browser. Choose “Share” under the video. Then choose “Embed”. Tick the option “Use Old Embed Code” and choose the size 640x480 — paste the resulting HTML code into the forums and it comes out as follows:

(EDIT: Just noticed @Zoyt posted the same instructions first)

Just watched the video. Looks great, @Maxiking16! What do the buttons along the bottom do?

explanation following:

the buttons select what youre doing, there are two sets of buttons, the first set is always visible, the second one is dependent on the selected button of the first set:

first set:
- objects
- walls
- move
- help

second set if "objects" (in first set) is selected:
- button for implementing triangles
- button for implementing circles
- button for implementing boxes
- slider for selecting how big the object will be

second set if "walls" (in first set) is selected:
- button for implementing a straight wall from the top to the bottom
- button for implementing a wheel rotating left
- button for implementing a wheel rotating right
- button for implementing a wall from the x,y where touch began to the x,y where the touch ended

if "move" or "help" is selected in the first set, there is no second set. but:

if "move" is selected:

--> you can now move the objects in the physics world

if "help" is selected:

--> a little help-window appears, allthough its not finished yet

just to make things clear, every button gets selected if its pressed. its not a “if-pressed-then-action-immidiately” button. once sth is selected, if you touch the screen the object or wall or wheel or whatever will appear at the x,y coordinates of the beginning touch.

that was a cind of big explanation, i hope it helped you :slight_smile: ill work on the help window and if its finished, then ill share the code :slight_smile: