My own music

How can i add music into my project? Maybe its only my problem , but codea don’t see any files in dropbox

Hit sync when you go to the Dropbox folder.

And make sure that your Codea is linked with your Dropbox, and that the files you upload are in your /Dropbox/Apps/Codea/, not /Dropbox/

@SkyTheCoder thank you , works fine

@Simeon - Still eventually hoping to see iCloud Drive support. We’re using an iOS specific app, so we might as well take advantage of the features provided to use.

@SkyTheCoder codea syncs files in codea folder , but i cant use them in my projects. Can you post screenshot of your codea’s folder in dropbox?

@lupino8211 you can use them! I use my own music on my projects!

Can you give us an example of the code you are using that doesn’t work?"

@ignatz music() function dont work (dropbox sprites too) .There is screenshot of my dropbox

That is your computer’s Dropbox. But does the music show up in the Codea Dropbox folder (ie within the Codea editor)?

If not, have you pressed the Sync button there?

@ Ignatz yes, of course i pressed . Nothing shows

@lupino8211 Did you put them in your /Dropbox/Apps/Codea/

@SkyTheCoder , thank you, i changed folder and everything works . But can i make separate folders in codea folder for different resourses in my dropbox? I like orderliness

Short answer - no. We’d all like that.

@lupino8211 - what I do is just add a two letter prefix to each item, that way at least they’re all grouped together when you open the browser. :slight_smile:

@TechDojo hah, perfect ) . Thank you