My mockups of what I think Codea should be...

Well, there are all these little suggestions flying around about the UI and stuff, so I decided to mock it up with App Cooker (google it). It’s still missing a few UI things, but I’ll update it.
If you own App Cooker, go here.
If you managed to grab App Taster before it was pulled, go here.
If yo have neither of those, you can see the unlinked, boring, bland PDF version here.
So, here’s what I have left to do:

  • Add the setup camera setting.
  • Add the running UI, but I heard it’s changing a little in 1.3.1, so it’s not done.
  • Fix the screen that says “No Web View”. I was offline when I did this.
  • Update a few images for 1.3.1 when it comes.
  • Add a few aspects to the settings.
  • Let me know if there’s something else I should put in it. Thanks!
    Thanks for looking! Hope you like it!

Interesting ideas @Zoyt.

You know I really like where you’ve put the Edit Project Metadata. I had actually thought to implement it a different way, but your idea is quite nice.

The terminal idea is something I’ve had for quite a while. However my thought was to integrate it as a fixed tab called “Scratch” in each project. The reason for integrating it into each project rather than globally is so that the scratch terminal can be used with all your code preloaded. So you can test functions you’ve written in your project.

Note that 1.3.1 is already getting some of the features suggested in your mockup — namely a global settings panel where we will be keeping all Codea settings.

Edit: you have very … optimistic … sales numbers on your final page :slight_smile:

@Simeon - Thanks! I’m looking forward to the settings. I like your method of the terminal. If Codea had io.popen, I would have made it with my little file IO hack… in fact, ruilov and I were both developing the same thing with the same problems without knowing it. But that’s off topic. About the sales, you can tell I love Codea.

Hi Zoyt,

I am the designer of App Cooker and you have my love, respect and indefectible support! Your App is amazing and I only wish it the best. We have been tweeting about it since its release and we strongly believe in it. Keep up the good work!

Thanks! When you say app, do you mean my mockup? I love app cooker too.

Fixed the link :slight_smile: