My iPad has brocken

Hello everyone, i am back! So my sister had brocken my iPad and it’ll be now repaired. Will the reinstallation of Codea cost money? How many? Thanks anyways!

Edit: Hurray my 400th post!

@TokOut The reinstall action of Codea won’t cost anything. Actually any app you purchased won’t cost anything to reinstall.

Okay then. Thx anyways.

What about the Codes? I have saved them. Will codes reinstall?

No. You have to put them there. Either create a project by it’s name and copy/paste the code in or do a paste into project if you can.

Or if you restore the iPad from a full iTunes backup, that should also work

Sorry, I totally forgot about the iTunes backup/restore. I very seldom use iTunes.

I am back. Thanks for hints, only one code was saved. The “main” one. Hope I won’t let u use stress delivers with “spam”. I will try making a list of questions which I will post every week once. Something changed? @simeon gave @john the control & management or something like this?