My Game(s) - SimpleMath (Working Title)

Ive always felt like math is a really important skill to have, but as a kid it’s not always fun or easy to learn. Thats why I created the SimpleMath series of games, where you solve simple touch based equations. So far, not all of the games are ready, but the first one is the subtraction edition. So far it only has 8 levels, but I plan to add more soon. Here’s the code:
I’d love to get your feedback on it

@Simeon, when I try to take a video of it the text becomes messed up and touch no longer works, any idea why?

I have given up on the SimpleMath project, moving on to a different project which I will post when it is close to ready

Edit: I have recovered the SimpleMath files (thank god for my iExplorer backups ;)) and am now back to working on finishing the series

Version 2.0 finished!


  • Much better Portrait Orientation support

  • Slight changes to how it looks

  • NEW “Made with Codea” mark on Title Screen

I’ll have to check it out this week! Sounds like a great idea!

Version 3.0 now complete!
(My hope is that by version 5 I will have it on the App Store and I can move on to the next one, probably addition)

New Features/Fixes

  • Fix: Dragging your finger along the screen no longer triggers all of the touches

  • NEW: Loading bar on start-up screen (lasts 5 seconds)

  • NEW: Custom sprites (you need to have a sprite named Rocketship in your Documents folder for it to run now)

P.S. The sprites are only temporary, will post a pic when the final ones are done

Pass: CodeaTalk

Hi Tao. I wanted to try out your app but found it difficult to copy it from Code Upload (which probably explains the lack of feedback). Any tips on how to copy that code more easily from Code Upload?

Above the code there should be a copy button. Press that. Of you don’t see that then I don’t know

There is but I guess it just doesn’t work on the iPad.

@peteroyle I found a simpler solution. Tap the Print button and it will open a window with just the code. Simple select all and copy

Code now on Github in order to make it easier for people to access directly from an iPad:

Are there some graphics I am supposed to have with this? When I run it, I don’t see any stages available on the select stage screen. Just blank space. If I click the blank space, it will start a level and ask me a question, beneath the question is a big blank area with a dot. If I touch the blank area the dot moves. If I then hit done it will say “sorry, x is the wrong answer.” Where x is some random number. Something isn’t working right. Btw, I cut and pasted the code directly from github.

@Vega Yes sorry. I totally forgot about uploading the graphics :P. you need the Level graphics for the select page and the Rocketship picture for the levels

You could, for the purpose of viewing the app simply add a few files to the Documents folder:


Hi @Tao,

I have a problem with this - when I try to close the program, using ‘NO’ on the continue screen, it won’t let me out. Ican proceed further but the only way I can stop the program is by turning off the iPad.

Whilst developing I’d recommend leaving the control buttons accessible by using FULLSCREEN displayMode.

Nice package.



@Bri_G Are you running in Portrait mode? Because, not sure why but I have encountered an issue with the No to continue button when in portrait, whilst it works perfect in Landscape. As for the control buttons, thanks for the tip. I have update the gist with that

Hi @Tao,

You guessed it, I’m running in portrait, which I generally prefer. Works in landscape but not portrait. Can you tell me which section of your code picks up the ‘No’ selection?



In the main tab, in function touched(touch) there is if levellost == true. It is picked up there and also for if levelwon == true