My First Completed App! (Flashcards)

I have finally completed my first app in Codea! It might not be the greatest thing in the world, but it’s a Flashcards app. This is a simple, and (hopefully) easy to use app that uses next to no storage space. I made this for school as I would constantly run out of space on my iPad and needed a Flashcards app, but couldn’t fit it on. I hope this is useful for someone, as some of my friends use it for remembering words from another language. Please let me know what you think or any ideas you may have. I do hope to update it and make it more interesting in the future.

Get it here:

Jonathon :slight_smile:

Looks good - for the next step why don’t you try downloading a set of questions as a JSON file (use the http request functionality) and then you’ll be able to update your app without having to rebuild.

Nice work (simple is good!).

@TechDojo +1

@TechDojo I would have to do some research on using JSON first but I’ll definitely take a look at that.

@Ignatz Thanks I usually don’t make simple projects except for this one.

@JonoGaming00 - That’s the plan, always look for opportunities to learn new things :wink:

Basically you make a http.request() to a file on a server (github pages or dropbox public would work well).

Assuming you point to a valid JSON file (JSON files are basically a text version of a Lua table (or Javascript object) ( - except you need to put “” 's around the key names, and watch out for your syntax - test your JSON code at somewhere like - the contents of the file will be returned as a string in the first parameter of your http request - success callback function.

You then use the built in JSON functions to convert that string back into a proper Lua table and bingo job done - in your example you’d probably need to wrap up both your questions and answers table in a containing table eg

    local QuestionBank = { 
        Questions = { "Q1","Q2","Q3" etc },
        Answers = { "A1","A2","A3" etc }

That way you can store all the data in a single table.

And as @Ignatz said - “Simple is good!”