My first app - Pigs in Clover

disclaimer: buggy and hacky but works well enough

Question: how do I make the formatting come out right in this forum?

Edit: posted here instead Thanks Bortels

I suggest posting the code to gist, then simply putting a link here.

PS. Neat app!

Hi ruilov, got your code kind of working after a bit of reformatting - maybe copy and paste issues? It’s good stuff, have you worked any further on this?

reposted with better formatting, a couple of bug fixes and small new features (sounds!)

don’t plan to do anything else with it though but would love to see anything you manage to make from it

edit: arg, still having problems copy-pasting the code. Now it ate all my ^ chars. I’ll figure it out later but for now updated the source by manually putting the ^ chars back in. Hopefully got all of them.

Confirm that it works a treat! Seems to have the same slowish ellipse rendering that I’ve experienced too, other than that, top marks!

Added to wiki

cool. Would be cool to remake this with the new physics stuff that’s coming up, although I believe the physics API won’t have a way to make semi-open circlers

I think it does. (This is beta talk: check out the “edge chain” example in the Physics Lab – test number 9.)